Prices & Options

Please let me know the picture gallery name and file number,

size and quantity you would like and email me your order

Special packages and digital copies are available upon request.

Prices for prints only are as follows:

4x6 $9,   5x7 $14,  8x10 $20,   11x14 $39

16x20 $65,   16x24 $72,   20x24 $87

20x30 $109,   24x30 $120,   30x40 $140

Plus shipping for prints

Digital images for multimedia use $15 each (400kb file by 4” on long side)

Single digital image at full resolution $100

Weddings (Small) - start at $750

Events, Parties etc. - start at $500

Portraits - start at $350

Band Shoots - start at $150

Please call for more info. on anything above


Plus shipping for prints